Drumbeat Intensifies for Electronic Cigarette Regulations

Electronic cigarettes are no longer just for dorky adults: New CDC data says 10 percent of students have experimented with all the devices.

Thirty seven state attorneys general and several leading U.S. senators are calling on the Government’s Food and Drug Administration to work with existing law to control electronic cigarettes.

Federal and state

officials are pushing for a rapid end to the current laissez-faire regulatory environment for electronic cigarettes, which is characterized by hundreds of companies vying for customers with flavor options and diverse device.

The Federal Food and Drug Administration is preparing draft rules, with a target launch date sometime in October, for those battery-powered vapor machines advertised as a healthy choice to carcinogen-packed traditional cigarettes.

If the FDA decides to use the Tobacco Control Act of 2009 to e-cigarettes, advertisements would be closely controlled and popular flavors may be banned. That legislation, enacted with the help of cigarette company Phillip Morris, prohibited restricted advertising and flavored cigarettes and wellness claims.

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, told reporters during a Wednesday conference call he believes the FDA already has power under the Tobacco Control Act to regulate e-cigarettes. He said he would be meeting with Food And Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg and two unnamed Senate colleagues later in the afternoon “to press [the FDA] to regulate tobacco products to the entire extent of their power.”

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Brown alleged that e-cigarette makers are directly related to the conventional cigarette industry and stated flavored liquid has been used to recruit a new “crop of consumers.”

“Cigarette smoking, we all know, kills close to a half-million people in the Usa every year,” Brown said. “The tobacco industry, they understand that between 400,000 and 500,000 clients die each year and that means… they have to find 400,000 to 500,000 new smokers every single year [and] they set their sights on the most recent nicotine market.”

He added: “The longer they could be promoted to kids, the more our hard-fought gains to stop teenagers from being addicted to tobacco are dropped. If more young people get hooked on e-cigarettes, the possibilities of their smoking – when they are older – regular cigarettes increase… If making cigarettes is addicting kids and killing them, this is the most important factor here.”

Brown joins other Democratic senators in urging regulation of e-cigarettes. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., told U.S. Information last week he would like the FDA to ban flavor options and the on-line sale of e-cigarettes. It’s “wholly disingenuous,” Blumenthal maintained, for e-cigarette advocates to say fruity flavors are mostly used by adults.

Blumenthal and brown both said they would support legislation in the event the FDA will not act first.

Supports of e-cigarettes say they support age constraints, but they’re urging officers to hit the brakes before enacting regulations.

“Like Sen. Blumenthal, Sen. Brown is acting without sufficient information,” said Gregory Conley, legislative director of the Customer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association. “Sen. Brown is encouraging a ban on flavored e-cigarettes without having asked for signs showing that flavored e-cigarettes are actually being targeted or marketed to teens, or actually being used by teenagers. He surely does not appear to get some respect for electronic cigarettes as methods to get smokers to stop inhaling burning smoke.”

Conley added: “Mr. Brown certainly knows from the negotiations back [in 2009] that removing flavored cigarettes from the market made no measurable effect on public health because no teenagers were actually using them.”

Imperial Tobacco and E-Cigarette

Imperial Tobacco Agrees to Obtain Dragonite’s E-Cigarette Component
Imperial Tobacco Group Plc, (IMT) Europe’s second-largest tobacco company, decided to purchase Dragonite International Ltd. (329)’s e-cigarette device for $75 million because it attempts to close the gap on challengers in services.

The Bristol, Englandbased company said last month it was on course to introduce an unique choice nicotine products in 2014 via the Fontem Ventures unit. The Dragonite buy isn’t associated with that statement, Evans said.

Dragonite creator and executive director Hon Lik devised the e-cigarette, in line with the organization’s site. The firm says it possesses an “extensive portfolio” of international patents and pending patents covering e-cigarette systems.

Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

Maybe you have attempted to learn what dangerous compounds does cigarettes has? There are more than 400 noxious compounds including nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and much more.

So for obvious reasons you must search for means to cease it as fast as feasible e-cigs might help. One can readily purchase e – cigarettes online now but you must go quite a distance from that point. Here are several things which may really help.

For several days avoid smoking business like co-workers as well as friends if possible.

 It may be interesting should you begin enjoying the entire process of learning not to smoke. Begin by looking into the distinct flavours accessible online. You’d learn there are really many choices which are better choices.
 These advanced products enable you to really appreciate the drag with no dangerous substances as in the tobacco.

 In case your smoking urge is extremely powerful, we consider that you must begin with traditional tobacco flavour in e-cigs.

 If at all possible keep the many tricks and suggestions to stop smoking convenient. For example, it would not actually hurt to purchase e-cigarettes online and carry the refills in case. Take the pack with you as well as ensure that you always read in the issue also if you go out.
 Lots of folks also benefit merely by thinking about the amount that they’ll save by not smoking.

 Reasonable expectation can be something which will help you. Some folks believe that buying e-liquid electronic cigarette on the internet is the final solution but you need to have that will to return at best.
 Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can be challenging to cope with and knowledge will assist you here.

 Most of all you ought to be quite sure of everything. There won’t be any need to transport cigarettes since in the event you carry them, you’re prone to smoke them also.

 And eventually if there’s an issue at work or house, realize that smoking isn’t an answer to any problem. You only have to clam the head and maintain a good perspective about everything. Also attempt to concentrate to the truth why you purchase e-cigarettes online and why you take them rather.

 James Clooney is just one of the men who are able to give you excellent support as you stop smoking. He also writes in the issue in his own spare time and runs a shop for e – liquid online. James believes that if you purchase e-cigarettes online you’re committing yourself to something and that is the best way to begin.

French media post stupid study

There’s lots of discussion throughout the planet of a fresh chemical evaluation of e-cigarette liquids which was presented within an article of the consumers magazine in France.

It’s apparent the number of compounds within e-cigarette vapor is lower in comparison with tobacco by orders of magnitude (even if we all accept the methodology was perfect along with the results are certainly credible). Naturally, I’m not supporting that e-cigarettes are certainly secure. We don’t understand that yet, & most likely they can’t be just as secure as climate. However, there isn’t any doubt the possible danger is considerably lower. So, how do all these posts copy this research as something new and “radical”?

The largest problem with these kinds of articles may be the bullying of e-cigarette users. Everytime this kind of article is printed, you will find vapers all around the globe who discard their e-cigarette products and relapse to smoking. I’ve found it happening to folks I know, it’s happening everytime such “news” are reproduced with this kind of notable titles and without the slightestreservation in the authors.

This research actually gives us no new information regarding the chemical structure of e – cigarette vapor and doesn’t alter at all our understanding of the possible dangers of the advantages along with e – cigarette use when compared with smoking tobacco cigarettes. I can’t explain why global media refer to the study like it’s the most significant discovery about e-cigarettes.

On Saturday August 31, during the yearly congress of the European Society of Cardiology, I’ll present a study regarding the instantaneous consequences of e-cigarette use on coronary blood supply (blood flow to the heart muscle). In that research I discovered that e-cigarette use had no adverse effects on coronary blood flow when compared with an almost 30% decrease in blood flow brought on by smoking tobacco cigarettes.

This is really research that has not ever been done before, it provides entirely new info regarding the consequences of e-cigarette on the circulatory system, but surely it doesn’t imply that e-cigarettes can’t trigger circulatory disease or heart attacks in the longterm. Likewise, just the existence of some compounds can’t be shown with titles like “E-cigarettes cause cancer” or something related.

Researchers, consumer advocates and journalists should realize this is really a delicate issue and their articles and reports have a direct and immediate effect to the wellness of millions of individuals all around the globe.I’d like to thank Michele Briot for the translation of the protocol of the Clive Bates and study for the insight about the Daily Mail .

Doctor Farsalinos is a researcher at Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens in Greece and at Medical Imaging Research Center, University Hospital Gasthuisberg in Leuven in Belgium. He’s actively involved with research on e-cigarettes’ security and risk profile.

Do E-cigarettes Save Lives?

Ah – great question. As stated by the wellknown Nannying Tyrants weblog, and perhaps our Liz’s VapingPoint weblog, perhaps they tend not to. So
I thought I had attempt to clarify the dilemma and investigate this fun little place of semantics. I am sorry this is not about politics, yet this week you can likely use some mild relief…
Can you get more specific?

Definitely. My reply will be: “Ecigs might save lives around half time“.

This is only because it’s accepted that smoking kills a percentage of continuing smokers, and there’s some evidence this might be as many as 50% of these (if we all consider Doll et al as excellent evidence). I believe that there might be several arguments relating to this figure though; let us leave that to others. But if two smokers who’ll not cease switch to an electronic cigarette, then to the surface of it then if it is somewhere near exact then 1 of these lives was only saved.

Naturally, even I really could knock gigantic holes in that, never mind a scientist; but should you consider the antismoking movement then that’s that which we’re left with: for every two smokers who change to an electronic cigarette, a life was saved. To increase that, if they were under 35 at that time, based on a little research they might not really encounter any shortening of life span.

To describe: I liked to understand about the ‘smokers reside ten years less on average’ declaration, and so I asked Carl Phillips about it. He explained, “Doll et al is an unimpeachable source. He revealed that continuing smokers die on average 10 years early, and this shortening of life span might be mitigated by stopping, and that the sooner a smoker quits the more they reside, and that when they stop before age 35 they recover the complete 10 years of existence and so no shortening of life span was exhibited for a smoker who quits before age 35”. Doll et al (multiple studies) also showed that about 50% of smokers perish because of disease due to smoking.

So I consider this to mean, basically, that you may lose an average ten years of existence should you continue smoke, but should you switch to an electronic cigarette you have 50 50 probability of not dying early, and from any ten smokers who switch then five lives are saved as these five would have died from smoke. We’ll omit the different problems about how many years saved and should you drop two years did smoke kill you and if all electronic cigarette users will live eternally and so forth since this is really a simplified explanation on an easy site with an easy individual.

Why eCigarettes are better?

Among millions of e-smokers around the world, most would say the they appreciate their e-cigs substantially more than they did tobacco analogs. Considering the fact that electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco inside them, it is rather surprising that individuals prefer to utilize them. What makes e-cigs better than tobacco smokes? Let’s find out:

You may find this hard to believe, but people who switch from regular smoking to vaping really vouch for the fact that e-cigs taste better. In Addition, there’s a lot more variety when it comes to taste – chocolate, mint, strawberry, menthol and lots more that just make the taste of burnt tobacco a distant memory. The lack of tobacco also removes teeth discoloration, bad scent and all those other disgusting side effects of smoking.

The clear advantage that e-cigarettes have over analogs is the fact that they’re a healthier alternative. It really is hard-to-ignore the devices usually do not contain tar and other toxins that are otherwise contained in analogs. While vaping liquid nicotine may not qualify as the best thing in the world for you, it certainly is much better when compared to inhaling tobacco smoke. Many doctors round the world do agree that the effect of nicotine on the human system is comparable to that of stimulants like caffeine.

There’s reasons why electronic cigarettes are so effective in helping individuals quit smoking. It’s only because smokers do not feel like they have given up on anything. Conventional methods that are meant to wean people off smoking like nicotine medications or patches have a bad achievement rate because people find the habit of smoking difficult to forget about. But with e-cigs they haven’t altered the habit; they’ve just chosen a safer, healthier way of doing pretty much the same.

There are plenty more advantages of e-smoking – it lowers the costs of life, it is better for the environment and for the folks around you, and also you too can vape in most public spaces. Begun to think about it, what are the advantages that analogs hold over electronic cigarettes? I’m not-too sure that there are.